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- $32.95 plain
- $79.95 fully loaded
- Call or email for more information.

The Freestoner Lanyard is a revolutionary new design in lanyards. A lanyard is to be a second hand, not a burden, for easy access to tools. Tired of hard to release snaps, fighting with a zinger; the Freestoner incorporates three large easy to use release clips (even with gloves) for your forceps, hook sharpener and nippers or other accessories. The clips can even hold multiple items. It also comes with a juice noose, easy to use tippet holder, fleece fly patch and a super absorbent chamois strip to dry your flies. The lanyards come plain or fully loaded with quality tools, 3 spools of tippet material and fly floatant.

Classic Salmon Flies:
- Pricing starts at $75.00 for one mounted fly
- Call or email for more information.

The Classic Salmon Fly is a work of art to be appreciated by all. These flies use colorful and exotic materials and must be tied using proper proportions. All of our flies are tied following the Kelson and Pryce-Tannet techniques. Our presentation flies are all tied on a 1/0 Partridge Bartleet hooks using as many of the original materials as allowed by law. All flies come in either a glass dome or shadowbox frame with the exception of clocks or special setting requests. Multiple flies look terrific when a full dress and matching hairwing are paired together. There are numerous flies to choose from or have one custom designed (one of a kind) just for you or a friend. The pictures are just a sample of some of our flies. Pricing starts at $75.00 for one mounted fly.

Custom Trout Flies:
- Pricing starts at $2.00 each for most flies
- A minimum order 6 of the same fly and size required
- Call or email for more information.

Having trouble finding a copy of your favorite fly; one that a friend gave you, one that you found in a fly shop while on vacation or want a variation of a standard fly or size. Look no further!! We custom tie flies to your order using only the best quality materials and hooks. Whether it is an Adams parachute with a yellow wing or a size 18 Woolly Bugger, we can fill your needs. We all have those special flies for our favorite streams and sometimes finding a reliable source can prove questionable. Why settle for a CLOSE imitation when we can meet your needs right down to the finest details. A minimum order 6 of the same fly and size required.

- Price - $12.00 per pair
- Call or email for more information.

We've created the latest fad in women's jewelry, "Woolies". These earrings are made from feathers and chenille and are super lightweight for their size. Numerous colors are available including solid black, white, yellow, purple, pink, gray, orange, brown and many more. Dual colors are also available any many can be made to match your favorite colors or for the female sports fanatic, your favorite sports team. We can also add sparkle to you jewelry. The pictures are just a sample off our "Woolies".

Lifetime Memories:

Gift CertificatesOur "Lifetime Memories" shadowbox can preserve that unique fishing trip of a lifetime where you caught that special fish: whether it is a monster fish or just a special memory that you want to immortalize.

You supply us with a high resolution digital copy of the picture, particulars of the fish and the fly you caught it on and we will take your picture and fly and mount them in a custom shadow box. If you don’t have the fly, no worries – we can custom tie the fly for you. If you received a citation from the State for your catch, we can incorporate that also into the mounting. The frames are double matted and you can select the matting colors. The "Lifetime Memories" will also tell the place, size, breed and name of the fly that was used to catch the fish. The typical frame size is 16"x 24" with other frame sizes available.

What a better way to preserve that memory than with our custom framing and mountings. Makes a great gift for that special person. Call for more information on pricing and customization.

Gift Certificates:

Gift CertificatesGift Certificates are available for any service or product. Don’t know what to get your significant other or friend as a gift? Get them a gift certificate and let them decide. There is no shipping charge for gift certificates. Order yours today!

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